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EXCLUSIVE TO CUPCAKE CORNER! Colour-me-Cupcakes (tm) ! Custom Made to suit your party! Cupcakes are R30each and R80 for the edible markers per pack of 5!

NEW from 2022!
Party Packs!

Adjustable to any theme!

We can also create any size, from a small treat to luxury party packs.


March Mayhem!

OOOHHH yuummmm!

Delicious chocolate cake with a mint Buttercream , chocolate drip and a yummy Aero Topping!

This month only R450!

Cake of the Month!  

March 2022

The Rainbow Roll that we pulled out of the hat just for the fun of trying new things! This can be altered to your desire, so either added chocolate or even a unicorn or piglet… #cutenessis!


a Mom on a Mission

Lizette Steyn


Everyone has a story. In fact I have quite a few stories, but the ones that I love the most is about food. I love spending time in the kitchen creating dishes, tasting new ingredients, testing out new kitchen gadgets and don’t even get me started on my love for gastronomy, cakes and gourmet cupcakes!
Making food ‘different’ and gorgeous is just an absolute passion of mine. Now, sharing my bakes and brews with people all over the world just brings me such joy. I recently got hospitalized for having several seizures due to inflammation on the brain, which was brought on by the epidural I had during my 3rd babies birth. It left me confused about where I fit, because God saved me for a reason… I soon learned that I can communicate extremely well creatively, which I now took to a level where it can work for me.
I want to cook and share. I want my kids to know that you won’t die if you eat a piece of raw cookie dough and how good it is for you to stuff your mouth full of beet-shoots and chia-seeds.
I have also become much more aware of what I put in my mouth and find that my tongue almost gravitates towards odd things that it never would have before like gooseberry jam or kale. I am enjoying this journey and I want to make the best of what God has planned for me. Honoring him in every meal plan, dish, cake or cupcake I deliver. Thanking him with my cooking, for saving me for a reason. Clearly I haven’t tasted all he has for me yet!
Welcome to my journey and thank you for sharing it with me.




Double choc delight

R 950

A Delicious 20 Vanilla and Chocolate Cake Filled with a Toffee Buttercream topped with Various Chocolate, Meringues and Cocoa Dust! Pure Deliciousness! Feeds about 15 ppl if you do vertical slices, or up to 22 if you cut squares. Ask for a cutting guide. 

Order Time – 2 Days ahead

Wtf (What the Fudge)

R 25

A Yummolicious chocolate cupcake topped with Toffee Buttercream, Toffee Sauce & Tamaletjie (toffee sticks) takes you back to your childhood with one bite.


Minimum Order Of Six

Girly dreams

R 950

OH MY GOSH Barbie is Posh! This beautiful girly cake is a 15 cm pink delight in any flavour you wish. Comes with a balloon and your name! Super Cute! 

Two days lead time


R 30each

Cakesickles are like cake pops on steroids! This delicious treat comes in Vanilla or Chocolate or both! Beautiful exterior designs available! (The size of a Magnum icecream) 

Minimum Order Of Six

The Sweety box

R300 for 12

Candy flavoured Cupcakes with Multy-Coloured Buttercream Topped with Various sweeties and Sprinkles! Perfect for Baker Baker! Order 24 and get R20 off! 


Minimum Order Of twelve

fondant creations

From R850



It seems like a lot to read, but It will answer all your questions before you even knew you had them. So please take the time to read the guide and the T&C’s.


How many people does a cake feed?

You can decide between a Square cake and a Round cake depending on the design you would like.


15cm (6inch) – 8-10 servings

20cm (8inch) – 20-30 servings

25cm (10 inch)  – 30-50 servings …


15cm – +-18 servings

25cm – +-30 servings

(Depending on how you cut it, above is a small cutting guide)


What is a Tier and What is a Layer?

A Single tier is when you put 2 or 3 layers of cake of the same size on top of each other.

A Tier is when you have a bigger size layer cake on the bottom and a smaller layer cake on top. This will count as 2 tiers.

What flavours I have available that you can choose from.

Sponge ( The cake part)

  • Butter Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Strawberry
  • Raspberry
  • Cappuccino
  • Toffee
  • Caramel Popcorn
  • Salted Pretzel
  • Lemon
  • Bubblegum
  • Blueberry
  • Choc-Mint
  • Oreo Cookie
  • Candy Cane
  • CheeseCake
  • Coconut
  • Hazelnut

What’s in the middle? (The X-Factor!)

You can have the cake filled with Any of the above Flavours in the following creams.

American Butter Cream – ( Butter & Icing Sugar )

Itallian Merangue Butter Cream – ( a delightful egg white buttercream)

Cupcake Corner Butter Cream – ( American Buttercream with fresh Cream Whip )

What’s on Top? (To Fond or not to Fond)

Fondant is used to cover some cakes after Butter Cream is applied to change the look of a cake OR to add special figurines etc. Fondant is NOT almond paste. It is a mixture of prepared Marshmallows & Icing Sugar and can be Eaten.  A few days is needed in advanced to create and dry any figurines. Especially in our climate.


Chocolate Ganache is a mixture of Cream and Chocolate that is used to create a drip effect on the cake OR when Metallic Colours are wanted for drip I use Icing sugar and lemon juice


I can add Macarons to your cake at an extra cost, no one in Ballito is currently making them due to the Humidity and they need to be brought in from a supplier. A few days notice is needed. Colour can not be guaranteed. I can however make Meringues in any colour fill it with buttercream to make a mock macaron.

Edible Prints

Edible Prints can be added to your cake, but I need to order them a week ahead from my supplier so keep that in mind. They are also at an extra cost.

Rice Paper edible Designs

These can be created as well, but again, a weeks notice is required.

When I get prices of the cake what is included?

Your cake price includes:

  • The best ingredients
  • Baking of the cake
  • Electricity and Water used
  • Time and Effort
  • Expertise and patience
  • All the time it takes to chat on whatsapp discussing the cake & design
  • And the packaging.

What are the delivery costs?

Delivery is on Special Requests only due to arrangements needing to be made ie. if someone in London is buying a cake for someone local. Local residents need to Pick-Up their cakes and cupcakes at Ballito Groves Gate at 9am or 5pm unless special times have been arranged.

These are in the Terms and Conditions. Please read that carefully.

Ballito – R50

Frazers/Tongaat – R150

Zimbali – R100

Sheffield – R100

Blythedale / Zinkwazi / Palm Lakes – R200

Stanger – R300

Westbrook / Umhloti – R250

Umhlanga / La Lucia – R300

Durban and Durban North-R400

Durban / Outer area – R450



Delivery Times?

Delivery times will be discussed via whatsapp and depending on bookings that has been made previously.

Orders for delivery should preferably be made in advance. 

Pick up spot: Ballito Groves Gate (Please don’t be late) Pick up times are 9am and 5pm

PLEASE NOTE: On your delivery date, (If delivery is available)

  • Please Send gate codes in advance
  • Please don’t be late for pickup if pickup was arranged.

(We have had Numerous occasions where we could not find a house due to the location pin, or need directions, or have had to sit in the car waiting with a cake) This can damage your cake due to heat. We are not responsible for heat damage to a cake due to someone being late or if we cannot get hold of you etc.

What do you need from me?

The date you would like your cake delivered?

The amount of people you would like to feed

The theme / colour scheme you are going for

The picture of an idea that you like for your cake

Any extra’s that you would like to add

What else do I do?

  • Kiddies Party Packs
  • Balloons
  • Flowers
  • Gift Purchasing
  • Cupcakes
  • Cake Pops
  • Dougnuts
  • Hot Chocolate bombs

Above can be arranged with me and will be at a separate cost.

Please note that If you arrange above with me, it cannot unfortunately be at the cost price of the ie. Balloons or flowers… because I am using valuable time to go and source the right products for you and I use my petrol to drive around looking for the best suitable product. So it will have costs added.

Please note that under no circumstances can anyone request for a cake to be delivered at 9am and at 8am request me to add flowers or balloons or things that require special attention, I am unfortunately not Willy Wonka and I don’t have my own factory (as much as I’d like one) .

I always go out of my way for clients and put in 100% effort.

Want Something Special?

We will gladly design custom menu items and cater for all your events such as weddings, parties, bridal showers, baby showers,  engagements, business conferences, anniversaries and all social occasions.   

Not only do we make the best cupcakes in Ballito but we are also well known for our cakes,.

Large events or intimate gatherings. We will gladly cater your culinary delights!

They all our treats

From the Dolphin Coast to the Natal Midlands and beyond. We have many  from all corners coming back for more!

"Hi Liz, thank you for that crazy awesome llama cake, it was such a fun cake everyone loved it!"

- Nicole

"Liefste Lizzie, baie dankie vir Jaxon se amazing koek, dit was so oulik"

- Yoraldi

"Lizette thank you so much for the amazing cake. Kishan was extremely happy. The butter popcorn and vanilla flavour was a great choice. I will most definitely be ordering all my kids birthday cakes from you. This will ensure I remain Mother of the year in my house with help."

- Nicole


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We would love to share our treats with you.